Students from the Montessori School of Zaragoza visit the Delegation to the EU

Pilar Ruiz Huélamo explicando a los jóvenes la actividad de la Delegación

Pilar Ruiz Huélamo explaining to young people the activity of the Delegation to the EU.

Brussels, 16/04/2024.- A group of students from the Montessori School of Zaragoza, accompanied by their teachers Mari Carmen Ibáñez and Miguel Ángel Gómez, visited the Delegation of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce to the EU. During the visit, the students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the day-to-day life of the Delegation, gaining a better understanding of how it is managed and operated within the European context.

The Director of the Delegation of the Chamber of Commerce to the EU, Pilar Ruiz Huélamo, highlighted the fundamental role of the Delegation in promoting dialogue between Spanish interests and European institutions, underlining the continuous commitment to the development of skills and employment of Spanish youth in the European context. 

In addition, Susana Garayoa, from Zabala Innovation, shared lessons with the students on the importance of training and innovation in Europe, enriching the experience with her knowledge and professional and personal experience in Brussels.

With these meetings, the Delegation of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce to the EU reaffirms its commitment to Spanish youth, providing opportunities for their professional development.

You can check all the photos of the event on the following link.