About us

The Chamber of Commerce of Spain is a public law corporation that represents, promotes and defends the general interests of trade, industry, services and shipping. Furthermore, it coordinates and represents the network of Chambers of Commerce in Spain.

The network of Chambers of Commerce is integrated / made up of:

  • 85 Territorial Chambers of Commerce in Spain and 
  • 44 Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce Abroad present in 42 countries (America, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, Africa and Asia) 

Law 4/2014 entrusts the Chamber of Commerce of Spain with the following tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Promoting trade, industry, services and shipping.
  • Representing Chambers overall before the various national and international instances.
  • Providing services to undertakings engaged in any of these activities.
  • Managing actions for the Internationalization and competitiveness of SMEs.
  • Advising the Central Administration on issues relating to trade, industry, services and shipping in terms established by the latter. 
  • Acting as mediators in national and international arbitration proceedings, applying the current enforceable legislation.

Within the framework of representation before international entities. Spain’s Chamber of Commerce assumes this role to European bodies through its Delegation to the European Union.


In order to make effective the support to Spanish businesses, the Delegation to the European Union is a meeting point for the Chambers of Commerce and enterprises (companies) where they receive information and advice on matters related to European policies, initiatives and programmes.

Founded in 1986, it was the first Spanish institutional delegation in Brussels. Through the contacts developed in these years and access to the services of the Chambers network, it is established as an ideal platform for the development of initiatives and projects in favor of businesses. 

Its recently refurbished headquarters, located in the heart of Europe, the Delegation serves as a link, communicates and engages with the European institutions, the Chambers of Commerce and Spanish companies. 


The Delegation to the European Union has the following roles:

  • Promote dialogue with the Commission, the European Parliament, the Council, the Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions, the Permanent Representation of Spain to the European Union, Spanish public or private entities present in Brussels or other key partners. The Delegation to the European Union prepares and supports the visits of its members to the Belgian capital.
  • Support the Chambers of Commerce and the Spanish business fabric in their interaction with the European institutions.
  • Provide information and analysis services on the activity of the European Union to Chambers of Commerce and businesses. 
  • Interact with Chambers of Commerce, businesses and other stakeholders, and organize communication, dialogue and other outreach activities on Spanish priorities in European Union policies.
  • Act as the voice of the Spanish Chambers of Commerce and companies before the European institutions and communicate the general interest of the Spanish business fabric to these institutions.
  • Intensify the participation of chambers of commerce and the Spanish business community both in the decision-making process and in the financing opportunities offered by the European Union.

The work of the Delegation to UE is complemented by the remaining Directorates of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain and the Network of chambers that provide information and advisory services to companies at national, regional and local levels throughout Spain.

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